Humble Pop Up Weddings

Team Humble has teamed up with some incredible celebrants and an AMAZING venue to bring you some special pop up weddings.

Look, we know we aren’t the first people to do pop up weddings in the world, let alone in Perth but we do them with a twist! We have a range of venues for you to choose from, however the best part about pop up weddings is that we can do these ANYWHERE in Perth! 

Flowers ✔️
Photographer ✔️
Super cool celebrant ✔️
Decor, seating, all that stuff ✔️
Choice of digitally designed invitations to send to your guests ✔️


PLUS optional extras such as:
Desserts 🍰
Flower upgrade 🌷🌹🌼

Alcohol and Food Packages 


Literally, all you have to do is that pesky paperwork to make it legal and just rock up to your special day - we handle everything else 🤓


Next Pop Up Wedding Date:

Watch this space! Alternatively, contact us to make your very own pop up wedding dreams come true!