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This week I sat down with Rebecca who is a piece of the trio Les Trois Amies. Les Trois Amies (meaning in French "the three friends") is a trio of musicians compromising of a violinist, cellist and flautist (Rebecca). Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Music degree, majoring in Classical Music Performance, and has performed locally, interstate and internationally with Les Trois Amies. But don't let the classical instruments fool you, Les Trois Amies has a MASSIVE playlist of old and new; classical to pop and everything in between.

Admittedly, I haven't had the chance to sit down with Rebecca before as we are usually quite busy at events (she literally has her hands full!) but it was great to have the chance to get to know her a bit better outside of weddings and expos.

I hope you enjoy her answers and much as I do and a big thank you to Rebecca for taking the time out to make this blog possible. You can find her here on Instagram, or here on Facebook.

Who knows you the best?

Probably my best friends from school Pip and Astrid!

What makes you cringe?

VPLs and out of tune singing.

What's the most interesting thing you can see out of your office or kitchen window?

Out of the kitchen window, the kids’ trampoline. My daughter has represented WA in trampolining so I love watching her tricks!

Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion?

Chocolate fountains at weddings but that’s not going to happen in COVID times!

Do you collect anything?

Photos on my phone - I really need to do a cull and download off of my phone...

What's the most unusual thing you've ever eaten?

A guinea pig in Bolivia.

What's your favorite movie?

A Very Long Engagement (It's a French movie with Audrey Tatou)

Name your favourite bar in Perth

There are so many good ones to choose from, but I love The Left Bank as it’s been my local for years.

What's the craziest thing you’ve done/seen someone do in the name of love?

Not sure about craziest, but one of our grooms wrote a song for his bride us to play at their wedding ceremony. Very romantic!

If you could share a meal with any 4 individuals, living or dead, who would they be?

4 of the guys from 8 out of 10 Cats Do Countdown as they make me laugh so much. Eg Jimmy Carr, Joe Wilkinson, Jon Richardson and Richard Ayoade.

Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without?

Exercise and alcohol. They cancel each other out right?

List two of your ultimate pet peeves

Slow driving in the fast lane, drivers not indicating.

What's an old wives tale that you swear by?

Red skies at night, sailor’s delight.

Who is your favorite author?

Mhairi McFarlane - she’s amazing. She writes “chick lit” but doesn’t like to call it that. Would also like to meet her for a drink! But she does chat to me a little on Insta stories!! I’m looking forward to reading her latest book “Last Night”.

What was the last movie/tv show that you saw? What did you think?

Bridgerton - loved it! The romance, the costumes, and especially the music where Vitamin String Quartet covered pop songs in a classical style, just like we do!

What makes you laugh the most?

Autocorrect fails.

What's your favourite wedding venue In Perth?

This question is almost impossible to answer as there’s so many good ones, but I like most venues in the Swan Valley and anything with a river or ocean view. I especially like venues where we are treated well, eg Acqua Viva on the Swan, Caversham House and Joondalup Resort, to name a few!

What three things do you think of the most each day?

Food, weddings and my kids.

What celebrity would you like to meet for a drink?

This is a tough one though, as I could list so many but I would have to choose Kristin Scott Thomas; I think she’d be a laugh and have so many stories.

Do you love or hate rollercoasters? Which one is your favourite so far?

Not a fan really, but love water slides!

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