How To (Politely) Uninvite Guests Due To COVID

With COVID and lockdown of borders shaking up weddings left right and centre as well as These Uncertain and Unprecedented Times, it is completely understandable if you want to reduce your guest list. Rather than dealing with (what feels like) endless phone calls from numerous guests, having the same conversation over and over again, it may be easier to send a text/email/Facebook message. As impersonal as it may be, a lot of people will understand (and if they don't, did you really want them at your wedding?).

Here is a great template to use when messaging those uninvited guests:

(Insert greetings and pleasantries specific to that person),
I just wanted to let you know with all the uncertainty in the world, there's been a change of plans for our wedding and we're forced to cut down our guest list a fair bit. Unfortunately since (insert partners name here) and I have big families (or insert reason here, or remove this part altogether). I am so sorry to do this (I hate it more than anything) because I know that we have sent you a (save the date) or (wedding invite) for our previous wedding date and if we could have you and everyone else there we would. I'm so sorry again and can't wait for the day when we can see each other and celebrate (in person). (insert any last niceties and farewells here)

Hopefully this will come handy for brides and grooms that are cutting down their guest list for their wedding 2.0 or 3.0!

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