Humble Wedding Recaps: Alina and Filip

This wedding was a bit special to me. Not only was it the last wedding of the year before a Christmas staycation at Crown, but it was because this particular bride I met when I was first hosting out my spare bedroom on Airbnb. Alina first came to Perth a few years back and stayed with us whilst getting settled and finding a long term housemate arrangement in the city - funnily enough we almost talked Alina out of the place she moved to where she first met her partner who was the neighbour as we thought they were a bit dodgy but she went with her gut which thankfully paid off!

In the beginning, Alina reached out to me to help plan her big day as she was completely lost in her vision on what she wanted (especially in the middle of COVID) and didn’t know where to start. All she knew was the she wanted good food, drinks flowing and a good time for her day.

The Decor and Venue

By the time she had already engaged with me to help with her wedding, she had already sorted her dress and venue – everything else was in the air. After a bit of a pinterest binge, Alina had decided on the theme of her day – modern meets minimalist. Think minimal colour, greenery with lots of white – perfect for the venue they chose (Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club). Alina found a videographer (M.A. Videography ) and also a photographer (Wild in The Willows Photography) while I found her florist and sourced decorations suggestions based on her ideas. Alina loved the venue for the wedding (I mean who wouldn’t, it’s beautiful!) but was unsure of where the best place was to have the ceremony. There is a small ceremony area nestled away at the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club that overlooks the water with a lovely lawn area but Alina wanted to steer clear of lawns (heels!) until I suggested to have it on the deck – the only issue with that though is that it is quite narrow and would only be able to fit one row while overlooking the river! We ended up opting for something completely untraditional and different which was having the ceremony at the corner of the deck, with chairs lined up meeting towards the corner of the Deck where Alina and Filip will say “I do”.

Originally for décor for the reception area we were going to try to go for twinkle lights on the ceiling and loads of flowers and greenery but Alina decided to keep in line with her budget and opt for centrepieces with roses and greenery and the signature candles in ikea vases. We provided the signs, photobooth and styled the centrepieces on the day.

Now for the ceremony decor! We wanted to keep it in line with the theme and an arbour just wouldn’t suit (of fit), but thankfully we came up with the idea of creating a floral arrangement up the pole and slightly out along the balustrade that really tied into the space well (and covered up a pesky no smoking sign in which was right in the money shot in the process!). We also added in a wine barrel for them to sign their life away. Lastly, the chairs – Alina really wanted the signature ghost chairs which were provided by Black Label Events who set them up made the ceremony area look open and spectacular.

The Big Day

Nerves and excitement were kicking in on the day as I was looking forward to watching this day unfold. The car was filled up and ready to go with everything needed on the day and arrived in the morning to start setting up. Alina and Filips flowers on the day were delivered to them direct, whilst I started setting up the tables and assisting with setting up there ceremony whilst jamming out to Pink Floyd.

The amazing and friendly bar staff were there to set up the cutlery and crockery for the sit down meals whilst I got into setting up the tables.

One thing Alina gave me the heads up on that there were some kidlets coming and we snuck in some of our kid kits at the spot at their table to keep them amused and set up the photo booth, wishing well, sign and easel, centrepieces and the live streaming spot. Once these were all in place and the flowers were in the vases, we were ready to go and snuck a sneaky message to the groom to let him know how good the place looked and was ready to welcome guests!

Daniel Delby was the celebrant who arrived promptly and was ready to rock from the get go, soon after Filip arrived and was nervous. Soon after, the lovely bride arrived and was tucked away into the private room whilst the rest of the guests arrived and took the opportunity to sit with Alina and be her support as her family were located back home whilst she waited with a glass of bubbles. When she was ready to go, we fluffed her dress before walking down the aisle and watched her make her entrance.

After the beautiful ceremony with some Game of Thrones references (they got engaged at Kings Landing!) and the legal paperwork nearly blowing away (but thankfully were caught by an avid boater before meeting the drink! The staff were there with canapes and drinks to welcome the newlyweds and guests before whisking off to grab some photos with Taj.

Taj was incredible to work alongside and was super friendly and outgoing as well as super creative with her photos. Not only does she capture ceremony only weddings, she also captures incredible maternity photos, families and babies! I love her style and I hope you do to and is one of the few photographers outside of Humble Weddings and Events I would confidently recommend others to!

Whilst everyone was eating, drinking and being merry. We snuck out our kid kits to the kidlets (which they were wrapped about!) and when it was ready for the dinner the guests were ready to welcome and celebrate the bride and groom into the reception (with a surprise welcome dance!) before settling into the meals which were delicious.

Once the dinner was out of the way and the bride and groom came back from their twilight photos, the formalities were in full swing, but what the bride and groom didn’t know is that I had one last trick up my sleeve to surprise them – a video compilation from all of Alina’s loved ones from Lithuania wishing her and Filip best wishes on their day.

The photobooth got some good use with some great photos of everyone and by 7:30, That Little Gelato Cart arrived to fulfil some sweet tooths with lots of gelato, ice cream and Get Chunky Cookies with a few different flavours for everyone to pick from. The bride and groom opted for no cake, because who wants to eat cake on a hot summer night?

Keza, aka Mr Humble "helping" out with the Photo Booth

As the night wore on, everyone danced the night away, got their sugar fix, photos and even watched some fireworks from the balcony (these were completely unexpected and not organised by anyone but the bride and groom sure as heck felt like they were there for their day – I would too haha).

As the send off drew closer, the remaining guests were there to create an arch and set off the couple back to the Ritz for their wedding night.

All in all with all weddings I'm apart of, this was a privilege to be apart of and was so grateful to be apart of their day and working with such incredible vendors.


Photographer: Wild in The Willows Photography

Videographer: M.A. Videography

Celebrant: Daniel Delby

Ghost Chair Hire: Black Label Events

Venue: Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club

Dessert: That Little Gelato Cart & Get Chunky Cookies

Event Planning, Styling, Photobooth and on The Day Coordination: Carmen @ Humble Weddings and Events

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