Kids At A Wedding? Read this first.

Kids at a wedding is ultimately a choice that’s up to you and your partner only. But if you do decide to invite children, here are some things to consider and some tried, tested and true ways to make it a lot more swimmingly for your day (some of these come for free when you book one of our planners for your wedding day too *cough cough*)

Things to consider:

1. How old are the kids?

Are the kids around the same age group/s? If the kids are around the same age group, it’ll be easier for them to get along together if they don’t know each other which means less chance of them causing a ruckus at your wedding.

2. Do they get along?

Another important thing to consider, although the drama between billy and bob probably isn’t as bad as your two older cousins after a few moscatos, the chances of billy and bob throwing it down and/or having a tantrum is a whole lot higher. If they don’t get a long but you absolutely need them there, keep them as far away as possible.

Tried, tested and true ways to keep children entertained at a wedding

3. Create a kid kit

Remember the babysitters club? Remember the kid kits they used to have? These are perfect to keep kids entertained, although for a wedding we need to make a few tweaks to ensure they are entertained for hours on end. Some items we like to include:

- Bubbles

- Chocolates and sweets (we found that the Christmas stockings had the perfect amount of chocolate for a wedding!)

- A sippy cup – kmart has an excellent collection of sippy cups in all shapes and sizes to suit your theme (check with your reception if this is ok to have for the kids)

- Small toys or games depending on age

Wrap all these items in a party box (supplied by kmart no less!) and you’re good to go.

2. Create a colouring in board

If there is nothing that kids love more at a certain age is colouring in and puzzles. Create your own “book” at home by printing out some wedding printables HERE and attach it to a clipboard for them to use everywhere and anywhere on your day.

3. Have a kids section at your wedding

Whether you have a cocktail wedding, backyard wedding or a sit down style wedding – a kids section can be as big or as little as your imagination (and budget!) desires. Whether it be a table for them to sit at or a room filled with activities or entertainment (see our next point), having a special spot for them to be distracted and with other kids will keep them entertained for hours!

4. Entertainment for (big) and little kids!

There are so many options for this that will cater to kids and kids at heart. From magicians, to ice cream carts, petting zoos, outdoor games, craft section or if space allows it a movie room.

5. Hire a babysitter

This is becoming more and more popular, hiring a babysitter to take care of all the kids attending the wedding. The babysitter/s will be in charge of the kids and also entertaining them! They will supervise and provide fun filled activities to keep kids entertained and engaged, which means their parents can let their hair down a bit!

We highly recommend Rosie from sunshine babysitting, she is professionally trained with children and can keep kids entertained from hours on end!

Note: We strongly recommend checking with parents before booking this in – they may prefer to leave their kids with their own preferred babysitter at home.

These tried and tested ways are sure to make your wedding stress free and even give the illusion of a kid free wedding.

What do you think? Let us know below!

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